At the moment, the most popular Android smartwatch is Samsung’s $ 279 Galaxy Watch 5

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If you’re an Android fan looking for a smartwatch, you can’t go wrong with Samsung’s latest. But if you’ve got last year’s Galaxy Watch 4, there’s not much reason to upgrade now. That’s because, overall, the Galaxy Watch 5’s interface hasn’t changed all too much compared to the Watch 4. You can still send and receive texts and other messages; make calls; and get important app updates. In other words, it handles everything you’d expect a smartwatch to handle, including controlling your compatible smart home appliances.

Smartwatches are my weakness. Since I’ve worn either an Apple or Samsung watch for years, I very honestly feel naked without one fastened to my wrist. I was excited to test out Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 before it goes on sale on August 26 for real. The Watch 5 is an extension of Samsung’s Galaxy Watch formula rather than an innovation, starting at $279, which is significantly less than the $399 Apple Watch Series 7. The Galaxy Watch 5 joins the lineup with a more robust build, a skin temperature sensor, and a longer battery life while running Google’s Wear OS behind Samsung’s One UI.


  • The lack of a physically moving bezel isn’t the end of the world by any means, but it was a nice addition to the watch that made it stand out as a James Bond-esque device. wearing the 44mm version and it sits nicely on my wrist. If you’re looking for a watch with a bigger screen, you can opt for Samsung’s $449 Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, which packs a 45mm watch face and protruding bezel that should further protect the Watch 5 Pro’s screen from nicks and scratches.

  • The Galaxy Watch 5 comes with a stronger, sturdier design than its predecessors thanks to its sapphire crystal display. Apple uses a similar type of display on its own Apple Watch, and while it’s not exactly unbreakable — I’ve scratched up my own Apple Watch — it’s more durable. One change you might notice if you’re a long-time Samsung watch wearer is that the Galaxy Watch 5 doesn’t include Samsung’s trick rotating bezel found on older models. In its place is a Touch Bezel that lets you scroll through content by swiping around the outer part of the display.

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