Autumn release of the first GR Corolla Rockets

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The GR Corolla is equipped with a lightweight and compact yet powerful G16E GTS 3-cylinder turbo engine that generates 300 horsepower, and has three classes: “Core Class”, “Circuit Edition” and “Circuit Limited Morizo ​​Edition”. The GR Corolla Core Grade is scheduled to go on sale in the fall of 2022. The MORIZO Edition is scheduled for winter 2023 and the Circuit Edition for spring 2023. The GR Corolla’s impressive performance is thanks to its unique triple exhaust system that reduces back pressure to deliver maximum power.

The first-ever 2023 GR Corolla may be the newest member of the Toyota’s GAZOO Racing sports car family, but this hot hatch is poised to make a big impression on the streets of North America. Developed under the supervision of rally-rooted and champion driver Akio Toyoda, and inspired by Toyota’s sports car line, the GR Corolla will be the driver’s choice when it debuts in dealerships later this year. We aim to be at the top of our wish list.


  • The core class and circuit editions have a maximum torque of 3,000 to 5,500 rpm and a maximum power of 6,500 rpm. TOYOTA GAZOO Racing engineers actively tuned the G16E engine for the extra power of the MORIZO Edition. 4,600 rpm. Riders can find satisfying torque across the powerband, regardless of model. Available only in the GR Corolla’s Intelligent Manual Transmission (iMT), the short-travel shifter and moderately-matched clutch keep the driver busy with hands-on thrills. For drivers who prefer to determine the RPM themselves, iMT is disabled by default, but steering can be easily operated with the push of a button to the left of his wheel.

  • The Core class and Circuit Edition make 300 hp and 273 lb.-ft. Torque, the MORIZO Edition reaches 295 lb.-ft. High-strength engine components and a turbocharger also contribute to the weight reduction of the GR Corolla. With a maximum boost of 25.2 PSI on the GR Corolla Core Grade and Circuit Edition and 26.3 PSI on the MORIZO Edition, the GR Corolla model has the manufacturer estimating his 0-60 mph time at around 5 seconds.

Available core colors include Ice Cap, Black and Supersonic Red, all paired with a matching roof and rear spoiler, GR-FOUR embossed side skirts and wide fender flares. The interior uses GR brand cross sports seats for 5 seats.

Eco, Sport, Track and Custom ride mode selectors are standard on all grades to further customize responsiveness. Toyota’s GR-FOUR all-wheel drive (AWD) brings rally-inspired engineering to the GR Corolla. By turning the dial or pressing track mode, the rider can tune his GR-FOUR system to suit different road conditions and driving styles, with his 60-40, 50-50 , or a torque split of 30-70 is possible. The GR Corolla is based on Toyota’s GA-C platform, with upgraded frame reinforcements designed specifically for the GR Corolla at the GR factory at Toyota’s Motomachi plant.

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