Before Apple’it is far’ iPhone 14 announcement, the rumors are intensifying

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By combining Fixed Wireless with Fiber Extension, you can provide Exceptional End User Experiences. Learn more about the technology, the economy, real-world examples, and the areas where hybrid fibre and wireless technology have the biggest impacts. Some believe it indicates Apple is getting ready to reveal big camera enhancements, such as upgrading the 3X telephoto lens included with the iPhone Pro to the 10X or 40X option provided by competitors like Samsung or Huawei, according to the Guardian.

Apple keeps everyone in the dark until the very end, but that hasn’t stopped the public from speculating about what the company will reveal at its iPhone 14 event on Wednesday. The words “Far out” tease what will happen but only hint at it in invites with a starry Apple logo against a night sky. This is just enough to suggest a range of possible outcomes.


  • There have been signs that Apple and Globalstar might be getting closer to launching such a feature, Gurman wrote, pointing to Globalstar’s announcement in February that it reached an agreement to buy 17 new satellites to help power satellite services for an unnamed customer, which is spending millions of dollars on the venture.

  • However, there’s another idea that involves satellite communications that meshes well with the most recent buzz in the wireless sector. Earlier this year, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg outlined why the iPhone won’t someday be able to make calls through satellite networks like T-Mobile and Elon Musk of SpaceX want to. Instead, the capability allows users to send quick messages to emergency contacts while they are not within cell service range or to report emergencies.

Reports surfaced last fall that the iPhone 13 would include a satellite connectivity option, but that didn’t materialize, so it could be in the cards when Apple CEO Tim Cook & company take the stage in Cupertino, California, on Wednesday morning. Another area where Apple is expected to shine is eSIM, with the company likely to give it a bigger push this time around, according to Gurman. Apple has even considered removing the physical SIM card slot altogether beginning either this year or next year for some models, he reported.

TMF Associates’ Tim Farrar told Fierce last month that by a process of elimination and the fact that Globalstar’s comments “match very closely with Apple’s contemplations for the iPhone,” it’s largely assumed that Apple will announce a satellite messaging service with Globalstar at its iPhone 14 launch.

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