Consortium Travels to Washington DC to Advocate for Federal Funding for South Florida Climate Tech Hub

  • FIU, Miami-Dade County, and climate resiliency industry professionals joined forces to seek federal funding for the South Florida Climate Tech Hub.
  • An application for phase two funding, with the potential for $70 million in federal funding, is under consideration through the Economic Development Administration.
  • FIU hosted a briefing on strategies for implementing an equitable, climate-centered workforce and furthering economic development, with discussions led by influential experts and federal appointees in attendance.

A consortium of South Florida technology organizations and government officials visited Washington D.C. this week in an effort to position the region as a climate tech hub that is deserving of federal funding.

The group, which includes representatives from universities, research institutions, and local governments, met with lawmakers and federal agency officials to make the case for why South Florida should be a priority for investment in climate technology.

South Florida is particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, including rising sea levels, increased storm activity, and other environmental challenges. The consortium believes that the region’s expertise in areas such as renewable energy, water management, and sustainable urban development makes it an ideal location for federal investment in climate technology.

The visit to Washington D.C. was part of a coordinated effort to raise awareness of South Florida’s potential as a climate tech hub and to secure federal funding that can support the development and implementation of innovative climate solutions in the region.

The consortium is optimistic about the outcome of their trip to the nation’s capital and is hopeful that their efforts will result in increased federal support for South Florida’s role in addressing the challenges of climate change.

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