CooTek’s first attempt at Metaverse

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In May 2021, CooTek invested in Lejiu, the developer of many popular games such as “The Immortal”. Lejiu’s game design style suits CooTek’s online novel and IP business. Based on Lejiu’s core competencies and CooTek’s forward-thinking strategy, Lejiu will spearhead CooTek’s Metaverse plans by launching a semi-open virtual adventure game (AVG) for women. AVG offers users an immersive experience that allows them to interact with other players in an exotic, multi-dimensional world, but also gives users access to single player mode.

CooTek (Cayman) Inc. (NYSE: CTK) (“CooTek” or the “Company”) is a strong investor in mobile gaming and recently built the Metaverse, which integrates its advantages into mobile games and online fiction. announced a long-term plan. With support from multiple sources. CooTek-invested Shanghai-based game studio Lejiu has started developing her Metaverse game for female users. Targeting the global market of 1.2 billion female gamers.


  • This will be traded in-game as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT). Players with a large following can earn real money by developing co-branded goods and products with other merchants.In general, female viewers are more likely to share, express and shop So different scenarios are created based on these needs in the metaverse. Women have more business potential in the virtual world than they do in the real world.

  • The game could amass a large number of underlying Metaverse her users before Metaverse-related hardware became widespread. With extensive experience in developing 3D games, Lejiu will make an important contribution to the creation of her CooTek metaverse. Female players tend to build their virtual lives by making friends and making deals as they explore the game-based metaverse, which blends heavily with real-world experiences. For example, users can upload their creations as home decorations.

Many competitive and role-playing games popular with female users are now topping the gaming charts. Female viewers have long relied on online novels and TV series to meet their emotional, recreational and social needs. With the advent of mobile games for beginners, more and more women are turning to mobile games as their primary pastime.Therefore, there has never been a better time for CooTek to create a female-centric metaverse.

The Women’s Gaming Market: The Right Person in the Right Place at the Right Time. The company believes targeting the female market is a smart move as the first step in building the metaverse. According to data, there are currently 1.2 billion female gamers in the world, representing 45% of the market. In fact, times have changed when games were largely dominated by male players. While PC games are gradually being replaced by mobile games, the number of female users has increased significantly year by year, accounting for almost half of the entire market.

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