Cumberland County Forensics Lab features cutting-edge technologies

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  • Crime scene evidence processing, fingerprint and digital data analysis, and controlled substance testing are all part of the forensic work performed by the Cumberland County Forensic Laboratory. The Cumberland County District Attorney and the County Commissioner on Tuesday announced a newly upgraded forensics lab that showcases the work of its forensic analysts.

“A lot of cases have been solved using cutting edge technology,” said Cumberland County Attorney Seán McCormack, “Combine that with talented forensic analysts and it allows me to prioritize cases and bring them to justice, allowing the victim to close the crime.”

The county lab is one of only four accredited labs in the state with cutting-edge science and technology that provides forensic services to assist law enforcement in solving crime in the county.

The lab opened in 2003, providing minimal forensic services to cities. With grants awarded to the county by the Crime and Crime Commission (PCCD), the lab was able to expand its technology by providing additional forensic services. McCormack added: “I thank the PCCD and the Cumberland County Trustees for their support in helping us revive the perfect lab space.

“Having this state-of-the-art laboratory provides the county with the ability to assist city police departments with forensic services in solving crimes,” said District Commissioner Jean Foschi.

“In 2021, the county can set up space for their forensics and technology teams in one place to work more efficiently,” said Commissioner Gary Eichelberger.

“In addition to tackling crime, the lab also runs a countywide drug recall program for residents to safely dispose of expired medications,” said County Commissioner Vince DiFilippo.

The Drug Recall System was established in 2015 and to date, more than 46,000 pounds of unwanted or unused medication have been properly disposed of, keeping it out of water and the reach of children. The Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office Forensic Laboratory serves police departments in 16 county cities.

The laboratory is responsible for analyzing a wide range of evidence gathered from homicides, assaults, property crimes, poor driving enforcement and digital crimes against children.

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