Discover the Diverse BIPOC Art Scene at the Library Exhibition, Available Until February 23rd

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  • The Ross Pendergraft Library and Technology Center at Arkansas Tech University is hosting an art exhibition featuring the work of BIPOC artists until February 23.
  • The exhibition showcases over 30 original works of art from a diverse group of artists, including paintings, sculptures, and more, with some pieces available for purchase.
  • A reception with refreshments will be held on February 13, providing an opportunity for attendees to connect with the creators and gain insight into their creative processes.

The local library is inviting art enthusiasts to explore the vibrant world of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) art at its latest exhibit, open now through February 23rd.

Featuring a diverse range of creations from BIPOC artists, the exhibit aims to celebrate the richness and diversity of artistic expression within these communities. From traditional paintings and drawings to contemporary mixed media and digital art, the display promises to offer a dynamic and thought-provoking experience for all who attend.

“We are thrilled to showcase the incredible talent and creativity of BIPOC artists in our community,” said the library curator. “This exhibit is a celebration of diverse perspectives, cultural traditions, and contemporary narratives that deserve to be shared and celebrated.”

In addition to showcasing the artwork itself, the exhibit will also include informational panels highlighting the history and significance of BIPOC art, providing visitors with a deeper understanding of the cultural and social contexts from which these works emerge.

Visitors to the exhibit are encouraged to engage with the art, ask questions, and take the time to appreciate the unique and powerful stories that each piece conveys. The library hopes that the exhibit will not only provide a platform for BIPOC artists to share their work but also spark meaningful conversations about representation, identity, and the role of art in our society.

The exhibit is free to the public and will be open during regular library hours. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a curious community member, or simply looking for a new and inspiring experience, the library encourages everyone to come and explore the vibrant world of BIPOC art before the exhibit closes on February 23rd.

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