Discovered on PC and mobile devices: DORADO

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According to legend, in the late 19th century three brothers “discovered a hidden stash of gold out near an uncharted mine in the heart of the New Mexico desert.” Unfortunately they took the secret of its whereabouts to their graves, but rumours of the treasure`s existence still circulate to this day.

M9 Games has taken players to a number of different locales in recent times, from scenic Spanish islands to secret installations and even submarine bases hidden deep in the forest. The newest release from the prolific indie solo developer will take us to much dustier, drier climes in the treasure-hunting quest called DORADO.


  • If you’re to find the fabled riches first, you’ll need to escape your prison and keep your wits about you to stay one step ahead of your rivals. As with all of the developer’s previous games, DORADO is a first-person slideshow-style lite adventure with realistic environments to explore, ranging here from rocky plains to underground tunnels to an Old West ghost town.

  • Deciding a warm-weather quest would be “good for the soul and potential for a great adventure,” you set out for the “desolate desert lands to try to pinpoint the location of the hidden mine.” The problem is, you’re not the only one there searching, and “after a short struggle you find yourself locked up in a small local jail.”

To succeed, you’ll need to collect useful items, sometimes combine them, and solve various inventory and logic puzzles you’ll encounter along the way. If you’re willing to shell out a little cash for the hope of discovering more you can visit, the App Store, or Google Play to purchase and download games for your Windows PC, iOS, and Android devices.

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