DK Bongos are required to play a new PC game

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The best part is that this game is free to play! Bullbeat can be played with a keyboard, but if you have a set of DK bongos you can plug it into your PC and play whatever you want! Take a closer look at Bull Beat by downloading it here.

Nintendo has released all sorts of interesting and unique peripherals in its time, and the DK Bongos are definitely part of that line. Players can play Donkey Kongas and platform tunes in a familiar way. Nintendo may have moved away from DK Bongos decades ago, but one developer believes DK Bongos is still a viable input method. The video above shows Bull Beat, a new PC game developed with DK Bongos in mind. A quick look at Bull Beat’s gameplay will give you an idea of ​​what we mean. If this game had been developed without DK Bongos in mind, fans would have immediately requested a mod to support DK Bongos. 


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