Eargasm headphones are, ahem, extremely good, from what I tried

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There is none. It’s actually a very subtle performance, and I’ve been listening to it happily for the last few days. Speaker and home theater manufacturers use multiple audio drivers targeting each audio spectrum to recreate this audio experience. It also uses a subwoofer unit for low frequency audio. But even with the best headphones, his common usage of one audio driver on each side of his head and lack of professional audio engineering to emulate a subwoofer can make the experience less be spoiled.

The audio startup whose reviewer’s guide carries the headline “Our Eargasm Promise” isn’t afraid to fall short. But this is nothing but a new and advanced headphone product. The duo who made these cans also have those with hearing loss in mind, and after strapping on one of just four sets of Sonic Lamb wireless over-ears, I can only wait and see what happens. I must confess that I am a big fan. I had some negative prejudices about this technology: it hums, lags, bloats, wears out over time, has gimmicks, doesn’t work… None of these things are true.


  • You can feel the effect, but once you cover your ears, it won’t ride up behind the parts. And it reproduces the realism of a live performance more than you can imagine. These impulses are also sent around the ears, unlike, for example, the wooger, which sits on the chest or belt buckle.

  • The Sonic Lamb changes that. It includes a regular full-range audio driver that reproduces the mids and highs as sound waves (that is, traditionally through the air) and a proprietary driver that transforms the audio signal. Equivalent mechanical impulse. This turns the ear pads into virtual membranes. This mechanical impulse travels from the ear cushions to the listener’s skin and bones. you really feel the music. If you hold them in your hand while playing music, the vibration will make you feel the difference between these wireless headphones and, say, the Sony WH-1000XM5.

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