Edmontonians line up to buy the newest Pokémon video games

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  • At 10 p.m. Thursday, hundreds of people lined up outside the GameStop store in Southgate. New game release of Pokemon Sumire and Scarlet.

These games are the latest installment in Nintendo’s hugely popular Pokemon He franchise, offering players new ways to play.

“This game is the first fully open world game for Pokémon, so at the start of the game you get the legendary Pokémon, Collidon and Milidnut, and use them as your riding Pokémon to explore the world and see new Pokémon. ‘Regions,’ said Nintendo ambassador Andrew Seal.

While waiting, Pokémon lovers had the chance to win prizes or have their hats made featuring the game’s new Pokémon.

“We’re going to ask random Pokémon trivia questions and give bigger prizes to those who wear costumes or have special Pokémon swag. There are big stickers, wrapping paper, Nintendo wrappers, and of course hats that are super fun to make, easy to put on, and represent the starter Pokemon you want to use. ”

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