Exciting Upcoming Events for 2023 Announced by Arkansas Tech University Student Activities Board

  • ATU SAB is hosting upcoming events including “Silence! At The Disco,” “Cocoa and Chill,” “Gold Rush Bingo,” and “Board and Bites.”
  • Students can enjoy “Silence! At The Disco” on Jan. 25, “Cocoa and Chill” on Jan. 29, “Gold Rush Bingo” on Feb. 6, and “Board and Bites” on Feb. 13 with RSVP required.
  • The events will take place at the Hull Building Student Union and are organized by the Arkansas Tech University Student Activities Board.

Arkansas Tech University’s Student Activities Board (SAB) has announced an exciting lineup of events for the upcoming year 2023, promising a diverse range of activities to engage and entertain the student body.

The SAB has been hard at work planning an array of events, catering to a variety of interests and preferences. From music concerts to comedy nights, outdoor adventures to movie screenings, there is something for everyone to look forward to.

One of the most anticipated events on the calendar is the Tofido Festival, which promises to be a celebration of food, music, and art. The festival will feature a culinary showcase of local and international cuisines, live performances by talented musicians, and interactive art installations for attendees to enjoy.

In addition to the Tofido Festival, SAB has also lined up events including a wellness fair aimed at promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle, as well as a series of educational workshops and guest speaker events to inspire and motivate students.

“We are thrilled to announce our upcoming events for 2023, and we believe that there is something for everyone to enjoy,” said a representative from the Student Activities Board. “Our goal is to create a vibrant and engaging campus community, and we are confident that these events will contribute to that.”

The SAB is focused on creating a sense of community and belonging for the student body, and these upcoming events are a reflection of their dedication to providing enriching and enjoyable experiences for all students.

As the excitement builds for the upcoming year, students at Arkansas Tech University can look forward to a calendar full of engaging and entertaining events, thanks to the hard work and creativity of the Student Activities Board.

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