Extremely fast charging demonstration of a commercially available battery from Amprius Technologies

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  • A frontrunner in ultra-excessive strength density lithium-ion batteries with its Silicon Nanowire Anode Platform, these days introduced that it’ll host an indication on Wednesday, October 26, 2022 at 1:00 p.m. EDT, of one in every of its battery`s intense speedy fee price of 0-80% nation of fee in much less than six mins.

Amprius has been in business manufacturing given that 2018, and has persisted to adapt its batteries in pursuit of sport converting overall performance, supplying batteries that offer advanced overall performance as compared to traditional graphite lithium-ion batteries.

During the digital demonstration, Amprius` Chief Technology Officer Dr. Ionel Stefan will give an explanation for the proprietary silicon nanowire anode generation and the specific battery traits that make it properly located to cope with the electrical mobility market.

Dr. Stefan can be trying out Amprius` Aviation High Power Fast Charge Cell (P/N CL0007 Silicon Nanowire Anode / LCO Cathode) that has the subsequent specifications:

28 g weight

2.75Ah potential

360 Wh/kg at C/five discharge (Amprius offers variety of batteries among 360-450 Wh/kg)

890 Wh/L at C/five discharge (Amprius offers variety of batteries among 890-1,four hundred Wh/L)

Greater than one hundred cycles to 80% of preliminary potential at one hundred% DoD Max non-stop discharge present day 12.5A (5C)

This technological advancement, which has been proven through third-birthday independent testing, verifies Amprius’ performance in opposition to the U.S. Advanced Battery Consortium 2025 goal of 0-80% in under 15 minutes. Following the acute fast fee demonstration, Dr. Stefan will be joined by Amprius’ Chief Executive Officer Dr. Kang Sun and Chief Operating Officer Jon Bornstein for a consultation with questions and answers.

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