Florida submits a case to the Supreme Court regarding regulations on social media access with big techs

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  • lorida calls on the Supreme Court to intervene in a dispute between the state and big tech companies over how social media platforms can restrict or ban people and content online, sparking a fight major legislation on freedom of speech in the digital age.

Republican Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody has asked the Supreme Court to overturn a lower court ruling that blocked a state law that would potentially prevent social media companies from banning contestants.

The United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit ruled in May that social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook likely have First Amendment rights to decide what is shown on their foundations and upholds federal Court rulings blocking the enactment of certain laws. rules.

Ms. Moody asked the Supreme Court to overturn the actions of the lower courts. She also pressed judges to answer on whether the Constitution would prevent states from requiring social media companies to host content and prevent states from requiring tech platforms to explain moderation decisions.

“the social media giants have the right to exclude anyone from the modern town square, for any reason, even if they don’t follow their own rules. self or act unwholesome” wrote Moody’s in a petition filed Wednesday. “This decision deprives states of the historic power to protect citizens’ right to access information on matters of national importance.”

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