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Company Grade Officer of the Quarter

The following Airmen have been selected by the 445th Airlift Wing as the second quarter CY 22 award recipients:


  • Woody is a candidate for a doctorate in business administration; 44 of the required 48 hours have been completed, and his graduation is scheduled for December 2022. The captain organised a DA Memorial Day flag ride in Fort Jackson, South Carolina, during which 39 motorcycle riders travelled more than 80 miles in remembrance of the deceased.

  • The 445th Airlift Wing Company Grade Officer of the Quarter is Capt. Edward Woody, support staff officer in charge to the commander of the 445th Aeromedical Staging Squadron. Woody was picked for the Space Training and Readiness Command A1 field command stand up; he was the only Airman chosen globally for the talent management team, boosting the overall strength of the Space Force. As the subject matter expert for the squadron’s self-assessment programme for the Management Internal Control Toolkit, Woody provided direction and validation for 27 checklists, identified four observations, and created four corrective action plans, all of which helped the wing receive a “Effective” rating from the Unit Effectiveness Inspection.

The 445th Airlift Wing Senior NCO of the Quarter is Master Sgt. Justin Hunt, supervisor of ramp services for the 87th Aerial Port Squadron. In response to a circumstance where they had to change venues, Hunt coordinated with the government of the host nation to bring in F-22 Raptors. He and his staff managed the deployment of the F-22s, equipment, and support personnel in less than five days while continuing to carry out the regular Air Force Central Command operations. After receiving the unit, the crew was able to quickly prepare them, their equipment, and themselves for deterrent operations. The goal of the Special Operations Joint Task Force, a Battalion Management Command and Control International Organization for Standardization priority, was made possible by the sergeant’s coordination of a multinational liquid oxygen transfer. Master Sgt. Hunt engineered a COVID-19 mitigation plan. Master Sgt. Hunt formed a wing working group and developed a process to safeguard hundreds of people and set the AFCENT standard.

Senior NCO of the Quarter

NCO of the Quarter

The 445th Airlift Wing NCO of the Quarter is Tech. Sgt. Nathan Pritchard, who oversees SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape) operations for the 445th Operations Support Squadron. Pritchard held the position of master sergeant while serving as the only full-time SERE for four wings. During this period, he oversaw 64 training sessions at eight different events that prepared 70 Air Force individuals and 11 Air Force Specialty Codes for duty in six different areas of responsibility. He oversaw a tasking at the Air Force Reserve Command level where, in just 90 hours of planning, he created unprecedented joint training for 26 soldiers and coordinated an exercise with an Army colonel as part of the training. As a part-time firefighter and lead medic, Pritchard worked 312 hours and responded to 91 emergency calls; he saved two cardia arrest patients. The sergeant led Wright State University’s first-ever ROTC SERE training where he instructed 30 cadets, giving future Air Force officers a taste of real-life military training.

Airman of the Quarter

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