In early 2023, Trackmania will launch on PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One, Stadia and Luna

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All the new features announced during the presentation are amazing. Trackmania now features cross-platform play and cross-progression capabilities, allowing you to share your saves across old and new generation consoles and streaming platform transfers.

The company announced that Ubisoft and developer Nadeo will release Trackmania, a free-to-play racing game for PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia and Luna in early 2023. Trackmania released for his PC on its July 1st opening day. 


  • There are new tracks that can be played alone or against hundreds of opponents in multiplayer mode. New seasonal esports content is released every three months of him, so you can compete with other players in daily courses, ranked modes, and solo or team-up challenges. In addition to participating in the community and creating content, there will be over 280 tracks available from day one of Trackmania.

  • Trackmania is free to play and has no microtransactions, so in-game content purchases may not be required. Nonetheless, according to producer Augustin De Wit, more communities through the Trackmania Club All players who unlock his content options will have two top content access options.

Starter Access – Enjoy a fun racing experience for free with regularly updated content and collectible rewards. No AI, just ghosts of real players. Race alone against ghosts of other players close to your level and gradually improve at your own pace.

Major features

Regularly Updated Content – 25 official tracks, updated every three months, can be played individually, online and locally to practice your racing skills. Progression – Play solo and enjoy the ride, or collect medals and measure your skills on regional and international leaderboards.

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