In the wireless speaker IP war, Google receives a Sonos import probe (1)

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She said she had not yet made a decision on the merits of the lawsuit. The new complaint adds to ongoing patent battles between former partners over audio and smart speaker technology, including lawsuits in California, Canada, France, Germany and the Netherlands.

The U.S. International Trade Commission said Friday it would investigate Google’s allegations against Alphabet Inc.’s Sonos that home audio company Sonos violated Google’s patents by importing certain audio components. The agency did not say that any specific products were imported that allegedly violated U.S. trade laws.


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  • Sonos won an import ban on some of her Google devices from the Trade Commission in January. Last month, Google filed a lawsuit in federal court in California, alleging that Sonos’ new voice assistant technology infringed multiple Google patents. Sonos calls these lawsuits “intimidation tactics.” The Trade Commission said it would complete its investigation into Google’s latest allegations within 45 days and set a date to schedule an evidence hear

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