In their next global advertising campaign, “Shadow Legends”

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“It was a lot of fun shooting this RAID campaign with the Plarium folks,” said Goldblum. “They are great people to work with, and I enjoyed doing green screen work similar to what I`ve done in Thor: Ragnarok and the upcoming Jurassic World: Dominion. In the advertisements you’re getting an authentic, perhaps exaggerated, look into my actual first experience with the game – and it was a good time.” Universally beloved, Goldblum is the first Academy Award Nominated actor to become a spokesperson for RAID.

A global leader in developing F2P mobile and PC games with more than 400 million users worldwide, announced today that actor Jeff Goldblum, star of blockbuster hits, such as; Jurassic Park, Jurassic World, and Independence Day franchises, is leading the next promotional campaign for its popular RAID: Shadow Legends collection RPG. This was the first look at the upcoming campaign which debuted at The Game Awards 2021 in Los Angeles on December 9th, where Goldblum can be seen playing the fantasy collection RPG with childlike delight.


  • Shadow Legends, which has amassed over 63 million players worldwide since its launch in 2018 and features 650+ unique collectable champions across 14 different factions. Plarium CEO Aviram Steinhart said: “Watching him play Raid for the first time is the ultimate tribute to what this game is all about. Getting started is easy, unlocking new champions, and the thrill of defeating enemies to keep progressing.” And frankly, Jeff is his own meme for all good reasons, and we thought he could teach us a lesson or two!”

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