IOS 16 users will get a warning about fake AirPods

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Some of these fake models are identical replicas of his original AirPods and can even trigger system features like automatic pairing and battery indicators. With newer versions of the operating system, iPhones and iPads will warn users if they try to pair fake AirPods. I get a message saying “These headphones could not be verified as genuine his AirPods and may not work as expected.” 

iOS will warn users when non-genuine iPhone or iPad parts are detected. But now with AirPods, Apple seems to be taking the next step. With the release of iOS 16 RC to developers on Wednesday, 9to5Mac found that the system now warns users about fake AirPods of his. Code found in internal system files shows that iOS 16 can detect fake AirPods that are gaining popularity around the world.


  • AirPods Pro 2 integration

  • The “Learn more” button directs the user to Apple’s support article on her website, giving details on how to identify his AirPods as genuine. The alert also gives the user the option to “don’t connect”. However, at least for now, there’s no sign of Apple stopping these fake AirPods from working with his iPhones and iPads. Of course, this doesn’t affect third-party wireless headphones. The system is specifically designed to detect counterfeit AirPods that attempt to disguise Apple’s official logs. 

As a result, the system can read this message and display a customized case when pairing the AirPods with his iPhone and iPad. According to Apple, iOS 16 will be officially released to iPhone users on Monday, September 12th. As for iPadOS 16, Apple has already confirmed that the update will be released separately at a later date. RC builds are now available for developers and public beta users.

At today’s Apple event, the company also unveiled the second generation of his AirPods Pro. In addition to the new features added to its wireless earbuds, Apple is now allowing consumers to engrave their own Memoji on his AirPods case. Based on the code for iOS 16 RC confirmed by 9to5Mac, his AirPods Pro 2 model with a message or memo characters engraved on the case will be encrypted with the same message in storage.

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