JBL Quantum True Wireless Earphones are ideal for gamers

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Inside the case there is a slot to hold the earbuds with magnets for charging and an additional slot for a Type-C dongle. Quantum TWS offers plug-and-play low-latency connectivity for gamers on PC, Mac, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and supported mobile devices. A very nice feature is that the dongle allows you to stay connected to your phone and connect to your PC so you never miss a call. The earbuds have his IPX4 waterproof rating, so you don’t have to worry about them even in extreme heat. In addition, it can be used safely outdoors as it is okay if it rains a little. 

Designed for gamers, the JBL Quantum True Wireless Stereo Earbuds use a Type-C dongle for direct 2.4 GHz connectivity for low-latency performance. If you’re a serious gamer and looking for a pair of earbuds, these are definitely the pairs I’d consider.  Features include Active Noise Cancellation and Transparent Mode, and are compatible with the JBL Headphones app. The matte black charging case isn’t particularly small, with his glossy JBL logo on the lid. On the front are three slanted LED indicators that can be used to check battery life. The Type-C charging port is on the back, but the case does not support wireless charging.


  • Buds have wear detection. This means that if you remove the buds from your ears, the music will automatically pause. This only works when connected via Bluetooth, not when using a dongle. Bluetooth 5.2 and Google Fast Pair are also available, making the pairing process very easy when using an Android device. Battery life is up to 8 hours on a single charge, plus 16 hours out of the case, and supports fast charging. The JBL Quantum TWS is designed for low-latency performance and we didn’t notice any audio lag during our testing. 

  • PC users can take advantage of the JBL Surround Sound feature that provides a highly immersive gaming experience. This requires downloading additional software directly from the JBL website and will not work on consoles or mobile gaming systems. The earbuds have a traditional long-stem design, with his JBL branding in dark chrome on a touch-sensitive circular outer pad for gesture control. 

The dongle is small, but sticks out, so it’s not ideal for holding a cell phone. Of course, on Nintendo Switch, game consoles, or PC and Mac, this is less of an issue. If your device doesn’t have a Type-C port, you can use a third-party USB-A to USB Type-C adapter to connect your JBL Type-C dongle.

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