More Hostile hackers have attacked Ukraine more than 1,000 times since February 24

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“Most often cyber criminals attacked the government and local authorities. Among the main targets are commercial and financial institutions, security and defense sector bodies, enterprises of the energy sector, transport industry and telecom – the entire infrastructure working for the life support of the population,” the message posted on the Telegram channel of the State Service of Special Communications on Friday says.

The State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection, which oversees CERT-UA, the government response team to computer emergency events in Ukraine, detected 1,123 cyberattacks during the ongoing military operations.


  • Information gathering (306 cases), malware (267 cases), interfering with activities (149 cases), and the use of a known vulnerability are some of the most common cyber assault techniques (100 cases).

  • Since the escalation of hostilities, hackers have targeted Ukraine’s government and local authorities 260 times, the security and defence industries 154 times, businesses 83 times, and the financial sector 72 times.

The Verkhovna Rada granted the State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine the right to develop and carry out state policy in the area of active deterrence against cyberspace assault, as was previously reported.

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