Moving iMage Technologies reports that the Direct View LED Frame patent has been approved

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  • A leader in digital cinema technology. The frame was designed by MiT Co-Founder and Senior Vice President of Engineering David Richards to address the specific needs of this new technology related to cinema. His first MiT frame of this type was installed in Richmond, Texas in 2019. Another installation was completed this year in Buena Park, California.

“Direct-view LED displays have been around for many years in the entertainment industry, typically for temporary installations at concerts,” said Richards. “The Direct View LED technology only became viable for permanent installation in a movie theater in 2019, which created a need for a robust and reliable frame system to support it.”

Executive vice president of operations at MiT, “Direct View LED displays in cinema represent the next generation of screen technology, and MiT plans to be at the forefront in helping our customers deploy it.” “With only four premium screens installed in North America so far, Direct View LED displays in theaters are still in the very early stages of their adoption cycle.

However, given their vastly improved visual capabilities and customized audio experience over existing technologies, Direct View LED displays in theaters are the technology of the future. MiT is in a good position to profit from additional customers putting Direct View LED screens in their theaters as the market develops over the course of the next five years or more.”

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