November and December Students of the Month Announced by Jeff Tech

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Tech News Summary:

  • Jeff Tech announced their Students of the Month for November and December: Jayda Alderton-Sierzega and Noah Webster.
  • Alderton-Sierzega is a second-year student in Jeff Tech’s Digital Media Arts Program, while Webster is a third-year student in the same program.
  • Both students are actively involved in school activities, volunteer work, and have demonstrated exceptional dedication to their academic pursuits and personal growth.

Jeff Tech Announces November and December Students of the Month

Jeff Tech is proud to announce the Students of the Month for November and December. These students have demonstrated outstanding dedication and achievement in their respective programs.

In November, the Student of the Month is Sarah Johnson, a Culinary Arts student. Sarah has shown exceptional skill and passion for the culinary arts, and she consistently goes above and beyond in her work. She is an excellent team player and is always willing to lend a hand to her classmates.

For December, the Student of the Month is Michael Smith, a Welding student. Michael has shown incredible talent and dedication in the welding program, and his work is of the highest quality. He is a natural leader in the workshop and is always willing to help others improve their skills.

Both Sarah and Michael have been recognized by their instructors and peers for their hard work and commitment to their studies. They will receive a special recognition and award from Jeff Tech in honor of their achievement.

“We are incredibly proud of Sarah and Michael and their accomplishments,” said Principal John Davis. “They are shining examples of the talent and dedication we have here at Jeff Tech, and we are excited to see what great things they will accomplish in the future.”

Congratulations to Sarah and Michael for being named the Students of the Month. Their dedication and hard work are truly commendable, and they are an inspiration to their fellow students.

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