Official Sonos Sub Mini: compact stature, powerful bass

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Like the original Sub, the Sub Mini features dual force-cancelling woofers (6 inch woofers here). The woofers face each other to reduce cabinet vibration, hum and chatter. I didn’t get a chance to hear the Sub Mini in action, but the technology worked well on the original Sub. Sonos has optimized the design of the mini version, packing the speaker into a cylindrical housing (305 x 230 x 230 mm). Available in both black and white, the speaker looks great in the images we’ve seen, but lacks the features of the original sub. It cannot be placed face down.

Rumors of its existence have been around for months, but now the Sonos Sub Mini is official. Designed for smaller spaces and for use with smaller soundbars and speakers, including the Sonos Ray, Sub Mini is designed to add low frequency effects to your system. The original Sonos Sub, still commercially available, has been around for years. This is a great subwoofer that adds plenty of bass to Sonos speakers, but feels overkill for many rooms and speakers.


  • Designed for tight spaces
    Both the Sub Mini and Sub have the same 25Hz low end, but the big difference is in the output. As such, Sub is designed for use in larger rooms and high-end products. Sonos recommends using with Arc, Beam (in larger rooms), Five, and Amp (with larger speakers). Sonos recommends Sub Mini for use in small to medium-sized rooms with Beam, Ray, One, One SL, Amp (with bookshelf speakers), and Ikea Symfonisk speakers.

  • One of the big selling points of the original Sub was the fact that the felt feet were attached to the sides of the Sub and slipped under the sofa to make it completely invisible. Submini, which must stand upright, should have done the same.

Like the existing Sub, Sub Mini can be quickly plugged into your Sonos system and paired with speakers, a stereo pair, or a surround sound set. Sub Mini is automatically configured with the correct crossover points for each Sonos speaker. There is a crossover frequency selection when using the amplifier with your own speakers. Plus, Sonos Sub Mini is Trueplay compatible and automatically adjusts the sound based on sound reflections in the room. The Sonos Sub Mini is priced at £429 / €429 / $429 and will be available from 6th October. We will bring you a full review as soon as samples are available.

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