On 17 September the Tech-The prize competition at the Gateway is coming to an end, with prizes to follow at Monument Square

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We had 18 candidates and were able to reduce that number slightly to the top 10 and we think this is a very strong group of competitors, many of whom are ready to compete for funding to get started. business. They come from many different backgrounds and business models, but we’re excited to see how the Tech Prize continues to grow and entrepreneurs find the contest a great way to present themselves in front of the people to discuss their business ideas.

The Tech-Prize competition will end on September 17 at Gateway Technical College. Prizes of up to $80,000, including cash and scholarships, will be distributed. The awards will take place at Party on the Pavement, with a ceremony on the Monument Square stage at 7p m. From 9a m to 12p m, 10 candidates will present their product ideas to a panel of judges and investors. According to event coordinator Dave Aumuller, the public is encouraged to attend and watch innovators present their ideas with a $9,000 cash prize and potential investor support.

Technology Awards Co-Chair Jeff Daniel said the idea contest is open to people whose ideas aren’t ready to present to inventors and is divided into Open/College and High School/Middle School blocks. . The total prize money is $8,500 awarded to the Open/College block and $1,750 to the High School/Middle School block. The jury will choose the winner, however, the public can vote for their favorite idea using their phone and that contestant will win $500. The turf competition is just one of four taking place this week. Currently, the evaluation is being conducted in APP competitions and e-sports competitions.

An idea contest has ended and will be presented at Uncorkt, 240 Main St., in downtown Racine. The APP competition offers scholarships to Gateway College of Engineering and the University of Wisconsin-Parkside. The public is invited to vote for their favorite idea by visiting the showcase. Tech-Prize owner and co-president Tony Bigonia said he’s offering free purchases and a glass of wine to encourage voting. Drop by Saturday, September 17. At the event, Tech-Prize will also introduce a new partnership with Founder Institute Accelerator.“This is a very exciting development for our region,” said Daniel.

Last year, a student from Racine Real School won the high school’s top prize of $1,000.

“The Founders Institute is the largest accelerator in the world. They have over 6,000 ideas that they’ve contributed to in 200 cities and raised $2 billion in funding to support the launch of these businesses. In 2021, The Pitch has two investment-funded product presentations, and each has generated more than $1 million in product sales over the past year. However, Aumuller said this year the quality of the competition was even higher. “This year is our second year running the pitching competition and we believe we have built a solid foundation of last year,” said Aumuller.

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