Palestine Action targets suppliers of Elbit’s technology

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  • Palestine Action activists targeted CDW in Peterborough for providing technology services to Elbit Systems, breaking windows and covering the premises in red paint.
  • Elbit Systems supplies the majority of Israel’s military fleet, and CDW’s services make their deadly business more efficient and easier to manage.
  • Four other companies have cut ties with Elbit Systems following similar actions by Palestine Action, and the group has vowed to continue targeting all those who enable Elbit’s deadly business.

In a landmark move, Palestine Action, a UK-based direct action group, has targeted Elbit Systems’ tech suppliers in their latest campaign to end complicity in the Israeli military occupation of Palestine.

Elbit Systems, one of the world’s largest military technology companies, has been heavily involved in the Israeli occupation of Palestine, providing surveillance and weapons systems used to oppress the Palestinian people. In response, Palestine Action has launched a series of direct actions targeting Elbit’s suppliers, including the disruption of production lines and occupation of facilities.

The group has declared its intention to hold these companies accountable for their complicity in human rights abuses, urging them to cut ties with Elbit Systems and cease their support for the occupation of Palestine.

The campaign has garnered widespread support from activists and human rights organizations, with calls for companies to prioritize ethics and human rights over profit. Critics of Elbit Systems argue that its weapons and surveillance technology are used to perpetuate the occupation and violate the rights of Palestinians.

Palestine Action’s efforts represent a significant escalation in the global movement to hold companies accountable for their involvement in the occupation of Palestine. The group’s direct actions have sparked a public debate about the role of technology companies in perpetuating oppression and human rights abuses in conflict zones.

As the campaign gains momentum, it remains to be seen how Elbit’s tech suppliers will respond to the pressure. However, with the growing awareness of their complicity in the occupation, it is clear that the spotlight is now firmly on these companies to take action and end their support for the oppression of the Palestinian people.

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