Parking Facility at Redmond Technology Station Now Open for Transit and Future East Link Light Rail Commuters

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  • Sound Transit has opened the new parking garage at the Redmond Technology Station, providing more transportation options for commuters.
  • The garage offers 300 parking stalls and covered facilities for 44 bicycles, accommodating both vehicles and bikes.
  • The Redmond Technology Station is conveniently located along State Route 520 near NE 40th Street and 156th Avenue NE, making it easily accessible for commuters.
  • Local artist Kate Sweeney has created artwork showcasing the Apollonian Gasket algorithm, reflecting the surrounding technology community.
  • The opening of the garage is a significant step in improving transportation infrastructure and connectivity in the region.

Redmond, WA – In a bid to provide convenient parking solutions for transit riders and future East Link Light Rail passengers, the Redmond Technology Station Garage officially opened its doors today. The four-level parking facility, located near the highly anticipated Redmond Technology Station, will cater to the increasing demand for parking spaces in the area.

With the rapid growth of Redmond’s technology industry and the forthcoming arrival of the East Link Light Rail service, parking has become a pressing concern for commuters. Recognizing this challenge, city officials partnered with transit agencies to commission the Redmond Technology Station Garage as a proactive solution.

This state-of-the-art parking facility boasts a capacity of over 1,000 vehicles, aiming to accommodate the needs of both transit riders and future light rail passengers. The garage offers a range of parking options, including long-term, short-term, and multi-day parking permits, catering to the diverse requirements of commuters. Additionally, the facility provides spaces for disabled individuals and offers electric vehicle charging stations, promoting sustainability and inclusivity.

The convenient location of the garage, adjacent to the Redmond Technology Station, ensures easy access for transit riders. As the East Link Light Rail service is set to commence operations in the near future, the Redmond Technology Station Garage will serve as a crucial hub for seamless connectivity between the parking facility and the light rail station. Commuters will be able to park their vehicles and easily transfer to the light rail, benefitting from reduced travel times, reduced congestion, and a more sustainable mode of transportation.

Mayor Angela Smith expressed her delight at the opening of the Redmond Technology Station Garage, stating, “This garage represents our commitment to addressing the parking challenges faced by transit riders and future light rail passengers. We believe that investing in sustainable solutions is key to the continued growth and development of our city. With this facility, we are not only offering convenience to commuters but also encouraging the use of public transportation, thus reducing our carbon footprint.”

Transit authorities have also lauded the new parking amenity, recognizing its significance in promoting public transportation usage. They anticipate a surge in ridership once the East Link Light Rail service is operational and expect the garage to play a pivotal role in facilitating seamless connections for commuters.

The Redmond Technology Station Garage is another milestone in the city’s efforts to enhance transportation infrastructure and address parking concerns. By offering a reliable and accessible parking option, the garage will undoubtedly contribute to the overall convenience and efficiency of the Redmond transit system.

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