Passmore Secures Windgate Portfolio Scholarship: An Achievement in Art and Design

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  • Willow Passmore, an Arkansas Tech University student from Greers Ferry, has been awarded the $4,000 Windgate Foundation Portfolio Scholarship.
  • The Windgate Foundation made a $500,000 donation to the ATU Foundation, with the majority of the donation going towards creating a need-based scholarship endowment for students at Arkansas Tech.
  • The Windgate Foundation’s generous donations have also been used to purchase new simulation equipment for ATU Nursing Department students and support various programs at ATU, including the Windgate Summer Art Launch for Arkansas Educators.

Passmore, a talented artist and designer, has been awarded the prestigious Windgate Portfolio Scholarship, marking a significant triumph in his career. The scholarship, awarded by the Windgate Charitable Foundation, aims to support emerging artists and designers in their pursuit of higher education and professional development.

Passmore’s remarkable portfolio, which showcases an impressive body of work in various mediums and disciplines, has earned him this coveted recognition. His artistic vision and innovative approach to design have set him apart as a rising star in the art world.

With the Windgate Portfolio Scholarship, Passmore will have the opportunity to further his education and expand his artistic practice. The scholarship will provide financial support for his studies, as well as opportunities for mentorship and professional networking.

Passmore expressed his gratitude for the scholarship, stating, “Receiving the Windgate Portfolio Scholarship is a tremendous honor and a validation of my dedication to art and design. This support will enable me to pursue my passion and continue to grow as an artist.”

This accolade not only celebrates Passmore’s talent and hard work but also highlights the impact of the Windgate Charitable Foundation in nurturing the next generation of creative minds. As Passmore embarks on this new chapter in his artistic journey, his triumph serves as an inspiration to aspiring artists and designers everywhere.

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