Replace your old device with the new Pixel 6a

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Before getting the new phone, you won’t have to send your old one. This is perfect if you want to trade in your current phone because it will allow you ample time to set up the new model if you purchase it first. The trade-in partner will inspect the old equipment when you deliver it to them to make sure it is in the condition you indicated. The estimated value will be credited using the same method you used to purchase the new Pixel if the condition fits the description.

Did you realize that you can trade in your old phone for a sizable discount on the most recent Pixel 6a at the Google Store? This incredible deal aims to increase everyone’s access to the new model. Of course, the day of Google’s birthday is getting closer and closer. There isn’t much time left before then, when we may anticipate some fantastic deals, perhaps even containing the newest Pixel models. But until then, why not take advantage of the chance to trade in your outdated gadget and receive a favourable payment?


  • You’ll need to purchase the Pixel phone with a credit card if you want the refund. You’ll need to send the phone to Google Store’s trade-in partner a maximum of 30 days after your new phone arrives. Otherwise, the trade-in value you got initially won’t be valid. Next, you don’t have to trade in an old Pixel phone for a new one. Google Store will also accept old Apple, LG, Samsung, and Motorola phones. Note that it’s only possible to trade in one phone per purchase.

  • For instance, if you used a Visa credit card to pay for the phone on the Google Store, the value of the old phone will be credited to that card. There are two possibilities if the inspection reveals that the device’s real condition differs from what was described. Your phone will either be given back or a new estimate will be created and credited. Whether you selected the option to return the phone with no credit in the event that the conditions weren’t met will determine how this turns out.

When you send your old phone, it should be prepared, packed, and shipped in a specific manner. The exact process is described in the trade-in kit. The package doesn’t have to contain cables, chargers, or other accessories you used with the old phone. However, you can send those to Google Store for recycling. If you want to read up further on the trade-in option, you can find the relevant information and the best possible deals on the following pages:

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