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The studio originally said it would add Spider-Man earlier this year, but that apparently didn’t go over well. Kate Bishop and Clint Barton (both known as Hawkeye) are behind schedule for Marvel’s Avengers. participated in. In addition to Spider-Man, an update later this month will add more cosmetic items (including outfits inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe), a new type of enemy called Echo, and Crow his raid.

Finally, Crystal Dynamics has revealed exactly when Spider-Man will appear in Marvel’s Avengers. The iconic superhero will join his PS4 and PS5 versions of the game for his PlayStation exclusive on November 30th. A hero event will be held to accompany Spidey’s debut. After discovering his AIM’s plan to render the Synthoid forces invincible, Spider-Man teams up with the Avengers to defeat the threat. Unfortunately, Crystal Dynamics still doesn’t see heroes properly.


  • Removed widely malicious XP and Resource Booster microtransactions. Initial sales of Marvel’s Avengers were lower than Square Enix had expected, with the company reporting a loss of around $67 million in the quarter of its release. Since then, however, there has been a slight tipping point. The Black Panther expansion was well received, and the game recently landed on Xbox Game Pass. However, Xbox players cannot jump into combat with Peter Parker.

  • The upgrade system for resources and gear has also been revamped, with higher power level caps. Spider-Man’s announcement follows his one particularly tough week for gaming. In its annual report, Square Enix called Marvel’s Avengers “an ambitious title for us given its adoption of a GaaS (Games as a Service) model”, but added, “Unfortunately, this game is has not been as successful as we would have liked.” The report also said, “The new challenges we undertook with this title have led to disappointing results.”

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