Samsung Teams Up with British Gas to Integrate SmartThings Energy for Reduced Energy Use in UK Homes

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  • Samsung and British Gas have partnered to integrate SmartThings Energy with British Gas’ PeakSave program in an effort to help UK homes reduce energy use.
  • The collaboration allows customers to earn rewards by shifting electricity usage during peak hours, thanks to SmartThings Energy’s Auto Demand Response feature.
  • The integration of SmartThings Energy’s Auto Demand Response feature with British Gas’ PeakSave program enables customers to adjust appliance operating modes to contribute to energy conservation, with the aim of expanding the service globally to contribute to the Net Zero Home initiative.

Samsung and British Gas have announced a collaboration to bring smart energy management to UK homes. The two companies will integrate Samsung’s SmartThings energy platform with British Gas’ in-home displays, allowing homeowners to monitor and control their energy usage more easily.

The integration, called Tofido, will give users the ability to view their energy consumption in real-time and make adjustments to reduce usage and costs. This will help homeowners make more informed decisions about their energy use and ultimately reduce their carbon footprint.

The collaboration comes at a time when energy efficiency and sustainability are becoming increasingly important. With rising energy costs and concerns about climate change, consumers are looking for ways to reduce their energy consumption and make their homes more environmentally friendly.

“By integrating SmartThings energy with British Gas’ in-home displays, we aim to provide a seamless and intuitive way for UK homeowners to take control of their energy usage,” said Haresh Nayak, Vice President of Samsung UK & Ireland. “We are excited to collaborate with British Gas to help make energy management more accessible and convenient for consumers.”

The Tofido integration will be available to customers of British Gas and Samsung’s SmartThings energy platform in the coming months. This partnership is a step towards creating a more sustainable and energy-efficient future for UK homes, and it is expected to have a positive impact on reducing energy consumption and empowering consumers to make smarter choices about their energy use.

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