Sony has silently updated the PlayStation 5 From the Inside Disassembly Shows

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Last year, Evans sparked controversy after ripping his CFI-1100 out of his PS5 model and claiming that the tiny heatsink could cause severe thermal throttling issues. This theory was rejected by Digital Foundry on the grounds that the temperature flow is the same as the CF-1000 launch model. Interestingly, these new lightweight PS5 models of his hit Australian stores shortly after Sony raised prices in select markets in Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. His PS5 pricing in India and the US remains unchanged.

Sony has quietly and completely overhauled the internals of its new and improved PS5.The latest model, which made the rounds in Australia last week, has a CFI 1200 number and is said to be 200 grams lighter than the original CFI 1100 variant. I’m here. Tech Youtuber Austin Evans took on the challenge of tearing down his modded PS5 console and revealing its internals to find out what has changed. Major highlights include a heatsink change and motherboard update, but the outer plastic cover remains.


  • The SSD case has also changed as Sony trimmed the PCB (printed circuit board) and exposed the case to improve heat dissipation. Back on the motherboard, Sony hid the CMOS battery under the heatsink – which was previously exposed. , which means you have to disassemble the entire console to access it. Evans also says that Sony’s reduction in internal packaging costs has made it lighter and cheaper to manufacture.

  • According to Evans’ teardown and testing, the new PS5 1200 model uses 20-30W less power while offering “almost” the same noise and thermal performance. The updated motherboard is two inches smaller, but the cooling system has additional heat pipes to compensate for the smaller heatsink. These changes bring the PS5’s weight to 3.3kg, about 200g lighter than the launch model. H.CFI-1000. Note that the values ​​apply to digital discless versions of game consoles.

On Wednesday, Sony also released a new PS5 software update that includes 1440p resolution support, new playlist features, and user interface improvements. The company began testing the feature in July, granting access to players running beta software. The update will allow PS5 owners to choose an output resolution of 1440p on compatible displays, allowing supported games to run at its native resolution.

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