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Sony Introduces BRAVIA XR MASTER Series A95K OLED TV, Powered by XR Cognitive Processor for Best Cinematic Experience


Next-generation cognitive processor XR thinks like the human brain, delivering revolutionary experiences that fully immerse viewers in their favorite content. The new BRAVIA XR MASTER series A95K OLED is currently only available in 164 cm (65) screen size. The revolutionary processor in Sony’s BRAVIA XR™ TV reproduces content exactly as the viewer sees and hears it for an incredibly lifelike experience. It understands how the human eye focuses and analyzes images, revealing true-to-life depth, exceptional contrast, and beautiful, vibrant colors.

Sony India today unveiled the new BRAVIA XR MASTER series A95K OLED powered by Cognitive Processor XR with a new OLED panel. This award-winning OLED TV introduces new and improved technology that helps deliver the best and most immersive viewing experience, ensuring that it conveys the true intentions of its creators. Out-of-the-box Cognitive Processors XR processors are fully immersive experiences that think like the human brain and feel exactly the same excitement and emotion as the world around us. The new Cognitive Processor XR delivers top-notch ultra-realistic image quality full of true-to-life contrasts, along with new features to customize and enhance your entertainment at home.


  • Equipped with a temperature sensor and a heat-spreading film to dissipate heat, this OLED TV uses our Cognitive Processor XR™ to detect screen temperature and precisely control light, up to 200% faster than traditional OLED TVs. Provides high color brightness. The XR TRILUMINOS MAX reproduces 3D color depth with human intelligence and reproduces naturally beautiful colors with the new OLED panel. The Cognitive Processor XR™ also powers the A95K’s new OLED panel with XR Triluminos Max, allowing the A95K to offer the widest range of colors.

  • UNIQUE COGNITIVE Thanks to his processor XR™, your favorite content is recreated so realistically that you can feel it. XR Processor XR™ upscales everything you see to near 4K quality. Enjoy stunning contrast on the OLED screen, expertly controlled by proprietary technology. It delivers vibrant depth and pure blacks in every scene. Feel more depth and texture with the pure blacks and bright lights of XR OLED Contrast Pro.  The BRAVIA XR OLED A95K TV features XR OLED Contrast Pro driving the OLED panel, so you can enjoy true contrast between the brightest colors and pure blacks.

This proprietary processor reproduces the natural hues and tones that humans find beautiful, filling the screen with consistently vivid colors and realistic textures at all brightness levels.

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