Sony’s most powerful camera phone is expected to arrive with a significant upgrade

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Like the Huawei Mate 50 Pro, the Xperia Pro-I Mark 2 also with variable aperture lens, supporting the highest aperture range of F1.2 to F4.0, by using a mechanically structured shade arranged in a ring, the larger the hole left in the center of the shade, the larger the aperture and vice versa.

With a 1-inch camera sensor* and a 2-step variable aperture lens, Sony’s Xperia Pro-I just debuted as its strongest camera phone. This strongest camera phone from Sony is anticipated to get its successor – the Sony Xperia Pro-I Mark 2, expected at the earliest in November – to make cinematography even better and easier. There are three 48-megapixel primary cameras in the flagship.


  • In addition, Sony will also bring infinite high quality while also having a new ISP. There is also a new Cinematic app in development that will have Zeiss T* coating, which produces sharp images and minimizes the effects of light reflection for clearer images.

  • In terms of Sony Xperia Pro-I II camera specifications, it packs 1-inch Super large bottom Sony IMX903 and an ultra wide-angle lens, model Sony IMX803 (1/1.3-inch), and 1/1.7-inches telephoto sensor – Sony IMX557. All of them are with a default output of 12 megapixels (Quad Bayer).

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