Suddenly, using Google Maps on Android Auto is a huge pain

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Google Assistant no longer accurately processes voice instructions connected to Google Maps, according to posts that have been made on Google’s forums throughout the month of August. Although it claims to have set the navigation to the specified destination after understanding the instruction, the assistant ultimately fails to do so and returns to the original screen.

Long-time Users of Android Auto are probably aware that voice commands may stop working suddenly and without apparent cause, but this time, it appears that only Google Maps is impacted. Google Maps is currently a crucial component of the app arsenal of many drivers out there since it is the top mobile navigation software in the world and the app of choice for the majority of Android Auto users. So it’s a real pain in the neck not to be able to use Google Maps while driving, especially if these individuals don’t want to convert to alternatives like Waze.


  • It should go without saying that this isn’t exactly a solution you’d want to use frequently, thus a comprehensive repair is needed as soon as feasible. But as of right now, Google hasn’t made the problem public, so the search engine giant hasn’t even begun to develop a fix. There isn’t much you can do in the interim, but the greatest (and safest) thing you can do is set up Google Maps with touch input on the head unit while the car is not in motion.

  • Since users must theoretically use touch input to set up Google Maps, the absence of voice commands on Android Auto is a huge nuisance. Someone claims that the solution they’ve discovered is also incredibly cumbersome because it requires them to disconnect Android Auto, set up Google Maps on the smartphone for voice commands, and then re-connect the phone to the head unit to start Android Auto. Google Maps need to be set up at this point to the specified location.

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