Suggesting a Split in Alphabet (GOOGL) Stock for Separating Google’s Ad-Tech Business from Global Perspectives

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  • Google is facing antitrust opposition from both the US Department of Justice and the European Commission over concerns about the company’s ad-tech dominance. The DOJ is seeking to break up Google’s ad-tech business due to concerns about its abuse of its industry dominance to stifle competition, while the European Commission is considering ordering Google to sell some parts of its ad-tech business.
  • Despite the legal issues, analysts remain bullish on Google’s prospects, citing the potential for growth opportunities in AI. Google’s stock has risen 40% year-to-date and has received a Strong Buy consensus rating from top Wall Street analysts.
  • GOOGL stock is up about 40% year-to-date and has received a Strong Buy consensus rating from the Top Wall Street analysts. Among the 24 top analysts giving ratings on GOOGL stock, 23 recommend a Buy, and one suggests a Hold. Furthermore, these analysts’ average 12-month price target of $131.58 implies 6.42% upside.

In the tech world, Alphabet (GOOGL) has been making headlines lately with calls for the company to split Google’s ad-tech business from both sides of the pond. Many experts in the field believe that the move could help improve transparency and competition in the online advertising market.

In the United States, a coalition of state attorneys general is reportedly considering antitrust litigation against Google. According to sources, the coalition has been scrutinizing Google’s ad-tech business as part of its investigation into the company’s alleged anti-competitive practices.

Meanwhile, across the pond, the United Kingdom’s competition watchdog has released a report stating that Google’s dominance in the online advertising market is harming publishers, advertisers, and consumers. The report recommends that the company be required to share data with rival ad-tech companies and that it should be forced to break up its ad-tech business.

In response to these developments, several market analysts and investors have called for Alphabet to split Google’s ad-tech business from its other operations. Some have suggested that the move could help reduce the company’s regulatory risks and improve its long-term growth prospects.

Alphabet has yet to comment on the calls for a split, but the company has already faced increasing scrutiny from regulators around the world. It remains to be seen whether the company will choose to take action in response to these latest developments.

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