Tech Today: Quixy Disrupts Middle East with No-Code Technology Launch at LCNC Summit

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Tech News Summary:

  • The Middle East Low-Code Without Code Summit 2023 – Saudi Edition was held by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in collaboration with MAK conferences and the Coders Association. It brought together digital transformation leaders and global technology CXOs to explore the utilization of low-code and no-code technologies.
  • Quixy, a fast-growing technology company from India, was invited as a domain expert to discuss the untapped potential of no-code technologies at the event. According to the VP of Global Sales at Quixy, low-code and no-code technologies are expected to dominate 65% of application development by 2024. This can have a significant impact on digital transformation around the world.
  • In recent years, the Saudi Arabian government has been taking strategic measures to sustain the rapid growth of its digital industry. Quixy’s unique combination of no-code techniques allows companies to develop solutions and applications up to 10x faster without coding, leading to several benefits like improved workflow efficiencies, faster time-to-market, and reduced development costs.

Quixy, a no-code platform, has made a massive impact on the Middle East after being unleashed at the Lean Construction and Nationalization Conference (LCNC) Summit. The no-code platform has revolutionized the way businesses in the region operate, providing a simple and efficient way for organizations in the Middle East to transform their complex paper-based systems into digital ones.

The LCNC Summit has highlighted the usefulness of Quixy’s platform, which allows businesses to streamline their operations without needing to know complex coding languages. The Summit brought together industry experts, business leaders, and innovators from across the Middle East to discuss ways of promoting innovation, sustainable development, and digitization.

Quixy’s no-code platform has made it easier for businesses to automate their processes, enabling them to scale quickly, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. With this technology, businesses can create customized workflows, automate repetitive tasks, and track all their processes without the need for manual labor.

The platform has already been effective for businesses in the region, particularly those in construction and engineering. It offers them the ability to track projects, collaborate amongst team members and manage workflows, all in one place. Quixy has eliminated the need for a paper trail by providing centralized, cloud-based storage for project-related documents, ensuring that businesses are always operating on the same page.

Overall, the impact of Quixy’s platform has been felt across the region, with businesses able to streamline operations and increase productivity. Experts predict that this technology trend will continue to grow, with more businesses in the Middle East adopting this no-code approach to their operations, leading to even more efficient and innovative operations.

In conclusion, the LCNC Summit demonstrated that Quixy’s no-code platform technology is revolutionizing the Middle East, leading to the digitization of business operations across various industries. The platform has enabled businesses to innovate, scale and handle complex issues with ease, without worrying about the expertise of coding. With this success, it is expected that Quixy will continue its rise to become the go-to platform for organizations throughout the Middle East and beyond.

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