Tesla Upgrades iPhone App to Improve Accuracy in Tracking and Security, Drawing Inspiration from Apple and AirTag Tech

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Tech News Summary:

  • Tesla’s iPhone app update introduces Ultra Wideband (UWB) support for enhanced security and precision tracking, surpassing Bluetooth technology and minimizing the risk of replay phishing attacks.
  • The implementation of UWB technology allows the car to discern which user is approaching the vehicle, similar to Apple AirTags, and may potentially expand to Android devices in the future.
  • Owners of compatible Tesla vehicles and iPhones equipped with UWB technology can now conveniently lock and unlock their vehicles without a physical key, with improved responsiveness for automatic doors. This represents a significant advancement in automotive security and convenience.

Tesla has announced an update to its iPhone app that will provide enhanced precision tracking and security features for its vehicles. The update takes cues from Apple and its AirTag technology, aiming to provide Tesla owners with even greater peace of mind and control over their vehicles.

Tesla’s revamped app will now utilize precise location tracking, leveraging the latest advances in GPS and Bluetooth technology to provide real-time, highly accurate location information for Tesla vehicles. This will allow owners to not only keep track of their vehicles at all times, but also to receive alerts and notifications if their vehicle is moved without authorization.

In addition, the updated app will incorporate enhanced security features, allowing owners to set custom security parameters and receive instant notifications if their vehicle is tampered with or if someone attempts to gain unauthorized access. This will provide Tesla owners with an added layer of protection for their vehicles, helping to deter theft and vandalism.

The new app update also takes advantage of Apple’s AirTag technology, allowing Tesla owners to easily locate their vehicles using their iPhone. By leveraging the precise location information provided by AirTag technology, Tesla owners will be able to quickly and accurately locate their vehicles in crowded parking lots or unfamiliar locations.

Overall, the latest update to Tesla’s iPhone app represents a significant step forward in providing Tesla owners with greater control, security, and peace of mind when it comes to their vehicles. By incorporating state-of-the-art location tracking and security features, and taking inspiration from Apple’s AirTag technology, Tesla is once again demonstrating its commitment to innovation and the customer experience.

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