The 6.03 update’s brave patch notes nerf the FPS’s cutest couple

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The health of Killjoy’s cute little mechanical enemies, known as Turrets, is being reduced from 125 to 100, making it simpler for players to take them out in the first round of each match. Additionally more expensive, Her Lockdown will tilt the ultimate toward the middle to end of the game.

Killjoy and Raze are both receiving some minor nerfs in this patch despite becoming Omega Earth’s LGBTQIA+ icons, but thankfully they won’t knock them down to the bottom of the Valorant tier list.

Raze’s Boom Bot is also suffering, so we won’t be able to watch it randomly bounce off various surfaces for ten seconds like a wasp does with a window. The smiley, explosive contraption’s duration has been cut in half to five seconds, which is more drastic than the Killjoy nerfs but won’t have an impact on players who are already using their mobility to avoid it.

The complete Valorant patch notes for the 6.03 update can be found below, courtesy of Riot Games.

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