The arrival of iOS 16 was announced by Apple

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New personalization options and more practical communication options are some of iOS 16’s standout features. Widgets that rapidly display information like the date, time, weather, and alarm as well as photos and custom font styles may now be added to the Lock Screen to make it your own. Additionally, the incredibly useful Live Actions feature allows you to monitor activities like restaurant orders in real-time from the Lock Screen.

The Apple Far Out event has concluded. The iPhone 14 will be available for pre-order starting September 9, and it will of course come with iOS 16, which the Cupertino company announced today will start rolling out broadly on September 12. It’s excellent news that the official release is almost here because the non-final version was previously only accessible through developer and public betas. However, not everyone is comfortable using an unfinished and perhaps unstable version of a new operating system version on their phones.


  • You will also be able to collaborate with people on stuff like notes and presentations through messages and Apple also says it has improved mail search. iOS 16 will also make it easier to copy text from videos and lift a subject from an image. It will also be a breeze to switch between voice and touch to enter text. The Health app now has a new Medications feature to help you manage medications.

  • You will also be able to set up a shared library to make it easier for multiple people to automatically share images from the camera but the iCloud Shared Photo Library feature has been delayed for now. Another useful iOS 16 feature is the ability to edit a sent message so that you won’t have to add countless asterisks or explain what you actually meant and it will also be possible to unsend a recent message. You will also be able to mark a message as unread if you plan to get back to it later.

There is also a Safety Check feature to help people in toxic relationships revoke the access they had granted to abusive partners. Soon as I get home from work Monday, and finish my workout, I’m updating my 13PM, Series 7, and 12.9 Pro over a nice cup of coffee. My 14PM should be there Friday, due to a cruise, I can’t pick it up till Monday. The excitement begins.

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