The brand new puzzle game from Playtika is now accessible on iOS and Android

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In a way that has never been done before, Merge Stories merges two gaming universes into one. The game, which Jelly Button created in-house, establishes an entirely new genre by fusing multiplayer gaming and war action with stunning 3D graphics. By allowing players to combine non-identical items for the first time in a game of its kind, Merge Stories also advances conventional merge gameplay.

Merge Stories, a brand-new free-to-play casual mobile game that takes merge gaming to new heights, is now accessible on Android and iOS devices, according to the Playtika company’s Jelly Button studio in Israel. The game is now accessible worldwide in English, French, German, and Spanish after a successful soft launch, and additional languages will follow.


  • Players will be among the first to experience a unique blend of merge and casual fight gaming simply by engaging in the game. In the process, they will explore countless fighting tactics, undertake special adventures that are story-driven, unlock a variety of characters who keep their kingdoms expanding, from strong units to a terrifying dragon, and combine to forge the strongest units and best defense for their realm. Additionally, each unit in the game has a unique skill that allows players to devise the most effective raid strategy.

  • To unlock new units, engaging fights, and fresh experiences, players can develop their own kingdoms, raid enemy countries, explore new areas, earn resources, protect their kingdoms, and be the strongest. The addition of Merge Stories keeps up the company’s high standards for gameplay and visuals while expanding its diversified catalog. It also reflects Playtika’s efforts to diversify into new genres and engage various consumers in fresh experiences.

Dudu Dahan, EGM Casual Games at Playtika, further said: “Playtika moved fast to recognize the opportunities that the merge game genre offers and use our deep experience in running beloved casual titles worldwide to channel our learnings into the creation of Merge Stories. This is a reflection of Playtika’s work to expand into new genres and continue to strengthen our brand around the globe.”

The development of this new game has been an exciting process for Playtika and Jelly Button, with the studio utilising the most creative talent and top-notch technology. This has been a chance for Playtika to broaden its gaming portfolio and develop as a brand in an entirely new way – which is core to our new game strategy. We hope that the fun we had in creating this game is reflected by our Merge Stories players.

There will be a lot of activity leading up to the launch in the US and elsewhere, and throughout the coming months, surprises are planned to bring Merge Stories to audiences around the world. Fans who are early adopters of innovative new games should keep an eye out for Merge Stories.

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