The Burning Shores DLC hasn’t been delayed, which appears to surprise Horizon Forbidden West players

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Burning Shores was announced in December 2022, with a release date of April 19, 2023. However, we haven’t seen or heard anything about the expansion between its announcement and today’s update. past, even as the celebration of Horizon Forbidden West took place last month. On Reddit, user dwoller said that with the new post, “people can stop thinking it’s delayed”, suggesting that “people don’t consider any news as bad news when it’s likely they’re just focusing on on [The Call of the Mountain] Another user, clydethepotatortoise, states that “my mind is spinning between the excitement of confirming that it is not delayed and the slight disappointment that there is no new teaser image” .

Yesterday, a new blog post explained how leaving the PS4 behind would make Burning Shores even better. This was quite well received by most fans (although those who still play PS4 were a bit disappointed), but a big part of the community response was a pleasant surprise, given the length of time the radio was silent. The considerable silence has led many to believe that there was a delay. cards.

Other fans have expressed confidence that a delay is unlikely, while some are still baffled by how little Guerilla shows up. However, others continue to get excited about a mysterious boss battle alluded to in the blog post – it’s likely the giant Horus Titan lurking in the Hollywood Hills.

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