The Chinese company YMTC will sell 3D NAND memory to Apple

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According to BusinessKorea, Yangtze Memory would initially provide Apple 3D NAND for its next iPhone 14 smartphones. Apple needs a tonne of DRAM and NAND because smartphones are the company’s most popular goods. However, Apple might eventually use YMTC’s memory in other products as well. For instance, YMTC will soon release a line of fiercely competitive six-plane 3D NAND chips using the company’s Xtacking 3.0 architecture and a 2400 MT/s interface speed. Some of the greatest SSDs could someday be made possible by these chips.

According to reports, Apple has given the go-ahead for Yangtze Memory Technologies Corp.’s 3D NAND flash to be used in the next iPhone 14 devices. The decision is a big triumph for YMTC and will guarantee a consistent supply of flash memory for Apple’s upcoming products.


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  • It is going to take a while for YMTC’s latest products to mature and get into Apple’s other products. But considering specifications offered by the company’s latest 3D NAND devices as well as Apple’s expertise in 3D NAND and controllers, YMTC’s have all chances to land into iPads or Macs at some point.

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