The EU pushes for five years of Android updates, which is great news for all users

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Phone manufacturers would particularly have to provide five years of security updates. For only three years would they be needed to provide complete Android updates. Additionally, the EU is promoting regulations that permit self-repair, guaranteeing that phone manufacturers provide repair components and services for at least five years following the sale. Batteries, screens, cameras, charging ports, mechanical buttons, microphones, speakers, and any necessary hinge assemblies, such as those found on folding phones and tablets, are all considered parts.

The absence of long-term support for Android is among its main issues. A device’s lifespan can be increased by several years through software updates, but only if the phone manufacturer actually provides them. Thankfully, the European Union(opens in new tab)may be poised to compel them to provide more, among other measures to increase gadget longevity. Currently, an Android smartphone can receive two to three years’ worth of software upgrades, usually including three years’ worth of security patches and two years’ worth of full Android updates. The EU is currently working on a new draught proposal that would formalise several rules that would require phone manufacturers to support their products for at least five years.


  • If that wasn’t enough, the proposals want to set a minimum standard of phone battery quality. That’s listed as at least 83% of the original rated capacity after 500 full charging cycles, and 80% after 1,000. Phone makers will then be given a choice: meet those standards or ensure replacement batteries and covers are available. That’s the more easily-replaceable batteries from the Android phones of old, rather than an appointment with a repair technician.

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