The fan favorite Death Knight from Shadow Legends finally becomes a legendary champion

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Since the launch of his RAID in 2018, Deathknight has become the most recognizable face of his RAID brand, garnering a huge cult following due to his humorous, good-natured demeanor and desperate quest to become a powerful hero did. He has also served as the lead in many of RAID’s most viral commercials, including RAID 2nd Anniversary, RPG Life Training, Therapy, DK Dreams Big, and RAID 3rd Anniversary. Finally, everyone’s favorite underdog has a day in the sun.

A global leader in F2P mobile and PC game development with over 435 million users worldwide, fan-favorite character Death Knight is the legendary champion in the critically acclaimed RPG collection RAID: Shadow Legends. We are happy to announce that we have made our long-awaited debut. Ultimate Death Knight will be free to all players during his two-month in-game Loyalty His event from August 25, 2022 to October 27, 2022.


  • Players can follow Skeleton himself on his Facebook and Twitter @OGDeathknight for a first look at his new champions, ongoing campaign commentary, and live performances from top streamers and creators in the coming months. increase. “I am extremely proud to officially announce our partnership with Raid as the face of the Ultimate Deathknight campaign,” said Deathknight. “I will be hosting this amazing event from August 25th to October 27th and I would like to say that this was life changing.

  • Nick Day, Plarium’s Vice President of Creative, said: “And for those fans who always wanted the original Death Knight, gave it a six-star rating, and added it to their roster no matter how weak their team was, this Ultimate Death Knight is for you. We (and OG Deathknight will always be grateful for your support and dedication.” Hosting an event for the Ultimate Death Knight is just like the original Death Knight! Alongside Ultimate Deathknight Champion, Plarium has brought his Deathknight to life in the RAID community and advertising using state-of-the-art real-time rendering motion-capture avatars.


Humiliating. Meet Bram! Hey, I have an agent! To all the fans out there, my “Skeleton Crew”, I wouldn’t be here without you guys pushing me I guess. I just want you all to know that I will get bigger, stronger and hopefully better – I will not change. Get #Justice4Deathknight. ”

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