The Hyperon wheelset is brought back by Campagnolo to complement the Bora line

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At 1240g for a pair (or 1160g if you want a tube), they’re really light. Not leading in this area, but it seems lighter will sacrifice other areas. They are also not second-level options and will be next to Bora at the top of the product pyramid, instead of below.

This latest version aims to bring the benefits of traditional mountain wheels (think light and responsive) into a more modern package. Our list of the best road bike wheels is constantly growing, but is dominated by aerodynamic options, so it’s interesting to see an option that seems to target the wheel segment. Best lightweight. According to Campagnolo, the goal of these new Hyperon Ultra wheels is to create magical performance ratios. A little bit of lightness, a little bit of responsiveness and a little bit of aerodynamics. So not a set of mountain wheels, like the old Hyperons, but a more comprehensive performance option than the Bora Ultras aero.

In addition to the weight, the important numbers are 37mm depth, 21mm inside width / 27mm outside width, compatible with discs and tubeless only. Width is on the money, but nothing revolutionary; Not one for off-road duty. The weight limit of the system (bike and rider) is 115 kg.

Unlike many wheels on the market, the new Hyperon Ultras is created with a single joint in the carbon layer. The industry standard is four, for reference. Interestingly, instead of drilling the finished rim to fit the spokes inserts, here the inserts are considered during fabrication so that the carbon fibers are oriented around them. This means the end of the thread won’t wear down the spokes over time. The knobs are located inside the rim, positioned with a magnet and adjustable with a proprietary spoke wrench.

The spokes are also an exclusive unit thanks to the central interface. The system is called “Bay Head 2” and is essentially a ball joint. The spokes head is a round arch, with a matching bushing on the shaft that allows the spokes to microscopically move as the wheel bends during cornering, braking or accelerating, or even over bumpy roads.

Continuing with the hub, there’s a new skeletonized freehub body. The body of the N3W is heavily machined to reduce a few grams, but has the same orientation and shaft dimensions as the current Campagnolo free splitter to maintain compatibility. Shimano and Sram options are also considered. Ceramic bearings also ensure a smooth, efficient and durable ride.

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