The inaugural Tech The Freedom Awards are presented by the Krach Institute for Tech Diplomacy

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  • In recognition of your dedication to advancing and securing our national and economic security, and freedom for all people, through your work on critical technologies, we salute you, love you, and honor you with the Tech Freedom Award”. This year`s individual awardee, Dan Goldin, served as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration`s longest-tenured Administrator from 1992 to 2001, where he led a 16-nation team that designed, constructed and began initial operations of the $120 billion International Space Station without an in-space injury or loss of life.

  • At its inaugural Tech Freedom Awards, the Krach Institute for Tech Diplomacy in Purdue State honored Daniel S. Goldin, NASA’s ninth and longest-serving administrator, and mobile network operator and infrastructure company Africell as Promoting free through proven technology. “The Institute was founded on the simple but profound belief that technology must advance freedom. Keith Krach, chairman and co-founder, said at the award ceremony. “I can’t think of a better technical diplomat than my dear and long-time friend Dan Goldin.

He guided NASA through the development of a new generation of spacecraft to enable the extended exploration of our solar system, deeper observations of our known universe, and more precise observations of the physical and biological dynamics of our own planet. He dedicated his tenure to building America`s major astrophysical observatories of our time, including the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory, Chandra X-Ray Telescope, Hubble Space Telescope rescue mission, Spitzer Infrared Space Telescope, and most recently the James Webb Space Telescope.

“Dan Goldin has taken his wealth of experience to guide brilliant young technology entrepreneurs who are working to ensure America`s supply chain vitality and global leadership,” said the Hon. Bonnie Glick, Director of the Krach Institute. “His mentorship will have a profound impact on space exploration, astrophysics, and advanced technology sectors and ensures that American innovation will continue to advance trusted democratic principles for decades to come”.

“By providing an alternative to China`s attempt to monopolize telecommunications to compromise the security of African nations, Africell exemplifies the tech diplomacy initiative that we developed at the State Department to drive the global adoption of trusted technology by building the Clean Network Alliance of Democracies,” said former Under Secretary of State Keith Krach. “Africell is taking the lead in prioritizing equipment from organizations and countries which respect individual rights and the rule of law,” said Bonnie Glick.

The Krach Institute honored Africell, the only U.S.-owned mobile telecommunications operator in Africa, with the inaugural corporate award for its work to prioritize secure network equipment in its African telecommunications operations. By partnering with trusted technology suppliers such as Nokia, Africell`s network infrastructure offers benefits of security and resilience in addition to speed and reliability. Africell currently operates in four markets: Angola, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Sierra Leone, and the Gambia.

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