The latest VR headset, the Meta Quest Pro, gets its first glimpse based on a leak and looks real

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The Meta Quest Pro was reportedly left unattended in a hotel room, according to a Reddit post, which was picked up by The Verge. Content creator Ramiro Cardenas posted a video of the device. The video clip shows the VR headgear and controllers being removed from a box that has “Meta Quest Pro” written on it in an official-looking font. Furthermore, the renderings shared by YouTuber SadlyItsBradley and the design of Meta’s upcoming VR headset are exact replicas.

A month before its release, Meta’s Project Cambria VR headset was discovered. On October 11, Meta Quest Pro is scheduled to debut at Meta Connect 2022, but owing to leaked photographs and a video from Zectariuz Gaming, we may have already gotten a sneak peek at the new VR headgear.


  • The Quest 2 Pro will reportedly have two brand spankin’ new 2.38-inch, mini-LED, 2160 x 2160-pixel displays (an improvement from the Quest 2’s dual 1832 x 1920-pixel LCD panels). The upcoming headset also allegedly swaps its 1P Fresnel lenses for a 2P, pancake-style design.

  • From the images and video shown, we see Cardenas unboxing a black VR headset and controller, with the headset boasting three cameras on the visor. The controllers also look vastly different from the Meta Quest 2’s controllers, seeing as there is no loop in sight. What’s more, the top of the controller shown has what looks like a small, circular sensor, which could be used for better body tracking capabilities.We’ve heard about VR controller cameras before, and Project Cambria could be the VR headset to use this kind of body tracking senor.

According to Lynch earlier this year, the Quest Pro has more mixed-reality capabilities (AR and VR), and is now more adjustable to fit a user’s head thanks to three IPD adjustments and a dial on the back of the headset that can be adjusted to tighten the device (this can be seen in the video).What’s more, the headset is lightweight and well-balanced, and eye and face tracking are allegedly excellent; the headset could even pick up the flaring of one’s nostrils.

Speaking to Laptop Mag, SadlyItsBradley (Bradley Lynch) secured an unofficial rough-draft model of the Quest Pro (which could also be named the Meta Quest 2 Pro). This could be the same model seen in the leak, as Cardenas shows the label of the VR headset’s box that states: “Not for resale – engineering sample.”

While the alleged Meta Quest Pro shown in the leak looks legit, there is still a lot more to find out — from how it runs to its tracking capabilities. While we wait for the big announcement on October 11, check out the best Quest 2 games out right now.

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