The new Sonic Frontiers trailer reveals its fall release date

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This year, SEGA partnered with IGN to share some trailers and gameplay from the game. If you’ve heard the term “Sonic Breath of the Wild” lately, this is why. This game gives Sonic a twist that hasn’t been seen in his 20+ years. It’s an open world. Much of the early gameplay focused on introducing a new open world for Sonic to roam freely. Aside from the new world, early gameplay introduced several new attacks and abilities that Sonic has in-game.Among other attacks, he throws what appears to be an energy beam.

All Sonic fans are looking forward to Blue Blur’s latest game. I’ve been waiting since last year to see how this works. Well, Sega just posted a trailer telling them the release date for Sonic Frontier, so it looks like we’ll know when the wait is over – that day is November 8th. Just got a cold from a game…for years…but the people at Sega haven’t given up on Sonic and are looking for a game that will get him back on his feet. Last year we got a short teaser that showed him in a strange, seemingly ancient land.


  • One shot also shows the typical checkerboard stones found in all stages of the Green Hill Zone. However, this seems to contrast with the dystopian tone of the rest of the game. This is just speculation, but it’s possible that this phase will occur before the event that transports Sonic to a foreign land.Maybe it will be a tutorial phase for people to play before things start hitting the fans prize.

  • The new Sonic Frontiers trailer shows off some interesting bits of the game. For starters, we have an adorable little stone creature up front that could play a role later in the game. We’ll have to wait for the game to release to know for sure. Additionally, you can see some of the gameplay outside the open world. About a quarter of the way through the trailer we see Sonic sprinting through several linear stages reminiscent of most 3D Sonic titles.

Overall, SEGA seems to be looking to flip the script on Sonic Frontiers. The game sees a lot of new, never-before-seen things that a lot of people are excited about. The game will be released in just a few months, so you won’t have much time to wait. At launch, it will be for Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series S/X.

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