The next VR event scheduled by Meta could be significant

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At least one new piece of hardware is now anticipated to be released by Meta at the event. Possibly revealing the official branding and providing additional information on its “Project Cambria” device. Up to four new VR devices are anticipated to be released before 2024, and that is just one. This suggests that it might be a big deal for the business. The Project Cambria device is anticipated to be Meta’s most advanced one to date.

Although Meta may be best known as the parent company of one of the largest social networks, it also operates a VR business, and its upcoming VR event has been scheduled. According to recent sources on the subject, it is specifically scheduled for October 11 during its Meta Connect conference.


  • Among expected announcements in line with the company’s vision for the future of VR and the Meta-connected Metaverse, is Horizon Worlds. Or, more specifically, new updates to the app, which serves as the primary way of connecting to the metaverse. Other apps associated with the metaverse and potentially new apps and experiences will likely be unveiled as well.

  • However, the company has suggested that the bulk of its time will be spent on “updates” to its progress in VR. And with regards to the metaverse.In addition to a new VR headset, Meta is expected to cover a gamut of announcements and updates, as noted above. The company has been hard at work in the space, including recent changes to how users sign in. Namely, allowing users to create a Meta account instead of defaulting to reliance on tie-ins to Facebook.

Additionally, the company is expected to spend some time addressing the financials of the endeavor.Beyond those points and topics, however, Meta has remained tight-lipped on what, exactly will be discussed at the conference. So anybody interested in learning more will need to watch the VR event for themselves. The event can be watched on the dedicated Meta Connect webpage.

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